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Contemporary East Asia 3 op

MEAS1042, East Asian Studies Minor, Yhteiskuntatieteellinen tiedekunta


Online study materials cover the basic social, political, and economic situation of contemporary China, Japan and South and North Korea and their regional relations. Focus is on postwar societies: the key developments, major actors, contemporary and future challenges. The course consists of two parts: 1) Lectures and readings (3 ECTS) part includes presentations by specialists of Chinese, Japanese and Korean society and politics, which will familiarize the students with the current social and political phenomena of East Asia, as well as regional forms of cooperation. 2) The Media Reading Course - China, Japan and Korea (3 ECTS), this part introduces students to newspapers and the media culture of China, Japan and Korea. The course material consists of online articles, e-newspapers and other reading materials. Options for taking the course: - 3 ECTS: Lectures and readings (3ECTS) - 6 ECTS: Lectures and readings (3ECTS) and Media Reading Course - China, Japan and Korea (3 ECTS).


Students will understand the major characteristics and issues of present day East Asian societies, politics, and economy and become familiar with the key aspects of regional relations in the area. As for transferable skills students will learn to withdraw information from different sources, to study and work independently as well as to discuss and collaborate in an online environment with other students. Students will also learn academic English communication skills.


Online course in Moodle, with online lectures, readings, discussion assignments, exam and essay. Group discussions are done in English, writing assignments and the essay can be written in either English, Finnish or Swedish.


Turun yliopisto, Turku


[Suunnittelija Seppo Piiparinen](https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot) [Opintosihteeri Marjo Grönros](https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot)


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