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PYJ11/PMA44/PJO26 Responsible Business 5 op

PYYJ2037, Yritysjuridiikka, Pori, Turun kauppakorkeakoulu

Pre-information The course is equivalent to the previous courses P052019 PYJ11 and PYYJ2037 PYJ11.


Economic, environmental and social responsibility of businesses. Business ethics theories. Responsibility elements of different business sectors. Current topics of business responsibility.


The student can critically evaluate the roles of businesses in sustainable development and in protecting human rights. The student understands the relationships between business law, business ethics, and responsible business in the global business environment. The students understand stakeholder theory and the role of trust-based relationships in business. The student can use science-based arguments in discussing global sustainability challenges. The student can form ethical opinions on business issues.


Participation in classroom work and exercises. Exercises consist of a group assignment and an individual learning diary.


E-lectures (Henry Stewart Talks) 7 h, classroom lectures 3 h, company visits 7 h, classroom exercises 6 h. Other modes of study 112 h. **Autumn semester 2019, period I intensive lectures - period II (14 October - 8 December 2019)** The course in arranged as integrated into degree studies and lectures take place during the day (Mon-Fri, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m). Please check the course timetables [from the study guide of Turku School of Economics](https://opas.peppi.utu.fi/fi/opintojakso/PYYJ2037/2175), choose Toteutukset/Implementations. Classroom lectures and exercises are organised at the Pori Unit of the Turku School of Economics (University Consortium of Pori, Pohjoisranta 11 A).




1. Sanford, Carol (2012) The Responsible Business: Reimagining Sustainability and Success. ISBN-10: 0470648686, ISBN-13: 978-047064868 2. Francis, Ronald D.; Murfey, Guy (2015), Global Business Ethics. Responsible Decision Making in an International Context. 9780749473952 In addition, the following books can be used in exercises: 3. Business ethics and values. 2nd Edition. Pearson Education. Lovell, Alan; Fisher, Colin (2005), 9780273694786. or a later edition 4. Maria Joutsenvirta ym. (toim.):Vastuullinen liiketoiminta kansainvälisessä maailmassa (2011), 978-952-495-213-2.


Anu Lähteenmäki-Uutela


Turun yliopisto, Pori


[Education coordinator Mia Stening]( https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot), mia.stening[at]utu.fi [Student Services Secretary Elina Iso-Ilomäki]( https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot), elina.iso-ilomaki[at]utu.fi


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75,00  €

Payment for studies should be paid within 24 hours after the registration using online bank or otherwise the registration is cancelled. In case an online net bank payment is not possible, the student must contact the Education secretary in advance before registration (we charge 15 euros extra for paper invoice).

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It is recommended that student has taken the course PYYJ7001 PYJY1 Yritysjuridiikan perusteet before taking this course