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YR6/JO8 Corporate Entrepreneurship 6 op

YR222804, Yrittäjyys, Turun kauppakorkeakoulu

The course is equivalent to previous course YR6/JO8 Corporate Entrepreneurship and Creating Entrepreneurial Mindset


The course focuses on the concept of corporate entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship, its antecedents and outcomes in different organisations. In addition, the course creates an understanding on how entrepreneurial mindsets and organisations can be developed. The course comprises intensive seminar sessions which include lecturing, discussion and entrepreneurial exercises in groups. The students are expected to prepare for class by reading articles which will be discussed and processed in a group. In addition students will be provided an opportunity to experiment entrepreneurial behavior in class room. In between group sessions the students work on their individual learning diaries based on which the individual learning outcomes are to be assessed.


After completing the course you will understand the concept of corporate entrepreneurship/intrapreneurship and why it is beneficial for employees and organisations. You will learn what the antecedents of corporate entrepreneurship are and how it can be promoted in different organisational contexts. After the course you will be able to asses yourself as an entrepreneurial actor and understand what it takes to create entrepreneurial mindsets and organisations. After completing the course you will also have strengthened your questioning, argumentation, and presentation skills.


Pre-assignment, participation in classroom work, seminar, learning diary & essay.


Semi-intensive course with 5 x 3h (15 h) sessions including lecturing and exercises. Active participation in seminars is required. **Spring semester 2020, period III (7 January - 16 February 2020)** The course in arranged as integrated into degree studies and lectures take place during the day (Mon-Fri, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m). Please check the course timetables [from the study guide of Turku School of Economics](https://opas.peppi.utu.fi/fi/opintojakso/YR222804/1619), choose Toteutukset/Implementations. Sessions are organised at Turku School of Economics (Rehtorinpellonkatu 3)



Pre-assignment (weight 10%), which needs to be submitted prior the first class (detailed information provided for those registered) Learning diary (weight 50%) Seminar participation (40%)


Readings consisting mainly of research articles will be provided by the teachers at the beginning of the course. The students will also study selected video materials on the topic. The individual student pre-assignments are taken into account when selecting study materials.


Jarna Heinonen, Sanna Ilonen


Turun yliopisto, Turku


[Education manager Merja Brunnsberg]( https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot), merja.brunnsberg[at]utu.fi [Student services secretary Elina Iso-Ilomäki]( https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot), elina.iso-ilomaki[at]utu.fi


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90,00  €

Payment for studies should be paid within 24 hours after the registration using online bank or otherwise the registration is cancelled. In case an online net bank payment is not possible, the student must contact Student Services Secretary in advance before registration (we charge 15 euros extra for paper invoice).