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YR5 Social Value Creation 6 op

YR222058, Yrittäjyys, Turun kauppakorkeakoulu

The course replaces the previous 'YR5 Entrepreneurship and society' course.


The course comprises five topics: (i) what is social value? , (ii) how social value can be created?, (iii) social enterprises as creators of social value, (iv) the entrepreneurs as creators of social value, and (v) a changing topic . Selected practical cases are used to shed light on the role of entrepreneurial activities in fighting social ills, fostering opportunities, and creating social value. During the course, students will practice their research and presentation skills, and strengthen their abilities in critical analysis as they study and conduct group work assignments. Through reflection essays, the students will become more conscious about their learning process.


The course gives the students an understanding of the role of entrepreneurial activities in fixing wicked local and global problems and in creating social value. The students will learn how social challenges can be addressed with entrepreneurial activity in various organisational contexts (enterprise, public organisation, NGO). After the course, the students can identify social enterprises, their limitations and business models. They will also understand the role of entrepreneurial persons as change agents and value creators in complex institutional settings.


Participation in classroom work, readings between classes, exercise(s), group work assignments (3-5) and a home exam. The course comprises five topics, each including two sessions and an assignment. In addition to active participation in lectures and readings between classes, the course includes a group work component where students apply their knowledge in creating a solution to a real life problem. The course is assessed as a whole and in order to pass the course it is necessary to write the exam and reflection essays as well as to complete the group assignments.


The course includes lectures, group work assignments, reflection essays, readings and discussions. There are 14 x 2 hours of face-to-face sessions, and the independent work outside classroom corresponding of 138 hours of work. This consists of group work assignments, readings and reflective essays. **Spring semester 2021, period IV (15 March - 29 April 2021)** The course in arranged as integrated into degree studies and lectures take place during the day (Mon-Fri, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m). Please check the course timetables from [the study guide of Turku School of Economics](https://opas.peppi.utu.fi/fi/opintojakso/YR222058/1608), choose Toteutukset/Implementations. Lectures are organized via remote access (dates and times are given on course timetable above)



The grade is based on (1) individually written reaction texts and comments (1/3 weight), (2) group work assignments (1/3 weight) and (3) written exam covering the lectures, group work assignments, reaction text assignments, and the readings provided on each topic (1/3 weight).


The readings will be provided by the lecturer during the course.


Satu Aaltonen , Anna Elkina


Turun yliopisto, Turku


[Education manager Merja Brunnsberg]( https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot) [Student services secretary Elina Iso-Ilomäki]( https://www.utu.fi/fi/avoin-yliopisto-opetus/opintoneuvonta-ja-yhteystiedot) avoin-tse[at]utu.fi


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90,00  €

Payment for studies should be paid within 24 hours after the registration using online bank or otherwise the registration is cancelled. In case an online net bank payment is not possible, the student must contact Student Services Secretary in advance before registration (we charge 15 euros extra for paper invoice).