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Course registration

Register for a course by searching for the correct department and subject under the faculty link. By clicking the date, you can view detailed course information in the box. Then continue by selecting the correct group and click "Register". You may register for one group at a time only.

You can check your course registration in Nettiopsu. It can also be cancelled through Nettiopsu during the course registration period.

Please note that course registration through Nettiopsu is not yet available at all departments. Some departments also have their own online services. Further information is available at the department or subject offices of the course of study.

In order to register for courses, you must be an attending student at the university for the semester of the course
Student Services has given instructions for registering with the university

Please continue by selecting the faculty which is offering the course, or by searching the course by its subject code, course code, or course name.