MDP in Astronomy and Space Physics

International Master’s Degree Program is designed to give students a broad overview of modern astrophysics and space physics. The program offers three specializations: space physics, theoretical astrophysics, and observational astrophysics. Students may choose the courses rather freely, but each course in the curriculum is suggested for one to three specializations.Students specializing in space physics will acquire the knowledge of plasma physics and its various applications to the phenomena from the Solar system to relativistic jets in active galaxies (therefore, the introductory course in plasma physics is strongly recommended). Students can also be involved in the development of the space instrumentation. The program in theoretical astrophysics aims at giving the students skills in modelling various astrophysical phenomena. Students specializing in observational astrophysics will obtain hand-on experience  in observational techniques and data analysis at different wavelengths. Students will also learn programming, numerical and statistical methods, obtain basic knowledge of astrophysical spectroscopy, radiative processes and hydrodynamics, and study stellar physics, high-energy astrophysics, galaxies and cosmology. The best graduates of the program will be able to continue with further studies aiming at the doctoral degree.

The major subject of the degree is astronomy. However, if a student has specialized and written a thesis in space physics, the major subject is physics.

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