Department of Future Technologies

The Department of Information Technology in the University of Turku is a coalition of three subjects: computer science, electronics and telecommunications technology, and the Master of Science in Technology, Computer Science and Engineering training. There are approximately a thousand master's degree students in the department and about fifty graduate students.

There are about a hundred members of staff in the department, sixty of whom are involved in teaching. Teaching in the department is versatile and of high quality. There is a variety of courses available, ranging from VLSI-design to the socio-technological development of information systems. The available courses as well as the degree requirements vary according to the main subject. Descriptions and schedules for courses taught in English are published in the ECTS-guide on the websites of the faculty.

In addition to teaching, research is an important part of the department.s activities. As teaching, research is also versatile and of high quality. Among the research fields are algorithmics, bioinformatics, digital and analogue circuit design, biomedical signal analysis, telecommunications algorithms, microelectronics, information systems and work, and embedded systems. Our research also has strong connections to practice, for example in the form of spin-off companies.

Graduating from the Department of Information Technology of the University of Turku is a good starting point to a successful career. The versatile structure of the degree and the possibility of choice in both the main subject and the minor subjects enable our students to get jobs in various positions in the fields of the electronics and information industries as well as in other fields.

The Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS) is a research and education centre in Information Technology for the three universities in Turku, Finland: University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and the Turku School of Economics and Business Administration. It is a significant factor in the field of information technology in the area and a perfect example of close cooperation between the three universities in Turku. The Department of Information Technology, which is a part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, also works with TUCS. TUCS coordinates the teamwork between the universities both in teaching and research. This has widened and internationalised the selection of courses significantly and enabled founding new research groups and laboratories.

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Department of Future Technologies
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