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Freedom of Expression & Cultural Conflict in the United States: A Digital Storytelling Seminar 5 ECTS
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Master's Degree Pathway in Popular Culture Studies
School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies

General description

Cultural relativism enriches and complicates our lives.  When we cannot assume shared values, how do we ensure effective and respectful communication and interaction with those around us?  This course explores conflicts over freedom of expression in contemporary United States culture.  Through readings, news, and generative popular media, students will explore and discuss the productive constraints of freedom of expression.  This course includes a creative component, in that students will make digital stories (short, two-three minute media pieces from a first person perspective) on topics of their choice related to course themes.  No previous media production experience is necessary for this course.

This course combines lecture/discussion and creative project work. 
Students will show digital storytelling work on assigned days, followed by class feedback.

Classes meet twice per week, two hours each period: Starting on 26th October, on Mondays and Thursdays 16 - 18, E323 Media Studies seminar room

Week 1:  Introduction to course
Digital storytelling workshop

Week 2:  United States Culture Wars: Codes & Constraints
Introductory digital stories, all students present work

Week 3:  Politics: Social Movements & Protest Performance
Digital story presentations & feedback, students 1-4

Week 4:  Artistic Spheres:  Government Funding & The National Endowment for the Arts
Digital story presentations & feedback, students 5-8

Week 5:  Religion & Social Ritual:  Burning Holy Books
Digital story presentations & feedback, students 9-12

Week 6:  Public Space:  The Confederate Flag & the Ten Commandments
Digital story presentations & feedback, students 13-16

Week 7:  Digital Story showcase, all students present final projects

Media Studies
METU0188 Mediated Reality
METU0190 Popular Culture
METU0191 Differences and Identities
METU0146 Project Studies

Popular Culture Studies
S3. Perspectives in Popular Culture Studies


Maximum number of students is 16. Priority is given to Media Studies majors and students in the Popular Culture Studies Master's Degree Pathway. Enrollment in NettiOpsu: METU0191 Differences and Identities.

Teacher responsible

Katariina Kyrölä


Elizabeth Whitney


26-Oct-2015 – 17-Dec-2015