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YKIR6068 Murder in Literature and Film: Camus and Renoir 3 ECTS
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School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies

General description

Literature and film investigate extreme human situations and acts; it is therefore hardly surprising that murder has frequently been at the centre of their concerns. This short course examines ethical, hermeneutic and political aspects of murder with particular reference to the work of two major French artists, the writer Albert Camus (1913-1960) and the filmmaker Jean Renoir (1894-1979). Camus’s first novel, L’Etranger [The Outsider, 1942], describes an enigmatic murder, as the protagonist shoots an Arab on a sun-bathed beach in Algeria; his later play Les Justes [The Just Assassins] deals with political assassination and the limits of terrorist violence. Renoir’s Le Crime de Monsieur Lange [The Crime of Monsieur Lange, 1935] suggests that murder may sometimes be a political act, but his later film La Bête humaine [The Human Beast, 1938] shows it to derive from a violent instinct embedded in the fabric of society. Together, these works represent a probing reflection on the contexts and meanings of murder.

The course will be a mixture of lecture and seminar discussion. The students will write a learning diary.


Enrollment in NettiOpsu (in April).

Teacher responsible

Colin Davis, prof. (Royal Holloway, University of London)


2-May-2016 – 3-May-2016
Tutorials 10 h + 10 h Web-based
Pää- ja sivuaineopiskelijat
Mon 2-May-2016 at 12.30-13.50, Luentosali Pharma1
Mon 2-May-2016 at 14.00-16.00, Seminaarihuone 225
Tue 3-May-2016 at 12.15-14.00, Luentosali Pharma1
Tue 3-May-2016 at 14.00-17.00, Seminaarihuone 225


Numeric 0-5.

Study materials

Required reading:

Camus’s L’Etranger [The Outsider] and Les Justes [The Just Assassins]. These may be read in the original French or in English or Finnish translation.

The two films will be screened with English subtitles in advance of the classes.