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Englishness, Pop and Postwar Britain 5 op
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This course will seek to account of how notions of Englishness have been reflected in English/British popular music since the Second World War. The thread that connects it all is the concept of Pop Englishness, which is presented in its broader manifestations (art, cinema, British culture), and especially in this course, in more specifical musical ones. The main aim of the course is to explore the (in)authenticity of English nationalism as it is refracted through pop (music) culture and to decode its complex national tropes by identity, imaginary concepts of a nation, geography, transnationalism and British music industry. Therefore, it will provide material for students interested about popular culture and national identity, performing arts, cultural history/heritage, urban and regional studies.

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Kari Kallioniemi


10.2.2016 – 18.3.2016
Ke 10.2.2016 - 16.3.2016 viikoittain klo 12.00-14.00, ls II
Pe 12.2.2016 - 18.3.2016 viikoittain klo 12.00-14.00, ls II
12.2.2016 klo 12.00 –14.00 , ls X
18.3.2016 klo 12.00 –14.00 , ls X


1. Introduction: Seeking the (In)Authentic Voice of Pop-Britain. 2. Strategies For Conceptualizing Notions of Pop-Englishness (The Peculiarities of English National Pop Identity; Imaginary Englishness; Pop-Geography; Transnationalism, Americanisation and Europe; British Music Management). 3. Pop, English Parochialism and Postwar Britain: Englishness, The History of National Music and The Emergence of British Rock'n'roll. 4. Pop, English Parochialism and Postwar Britain: Swinging London, The British Invasion and Psychedelia. 5. From the Winter of Discontent to Free Enterprise: Punk, Disco and Progressive Rock. 6. From the Winter of Discontent to Free Enterprise: David Bowie, The New Pop and The White British Soul-Boys. 7. The Road to Brit-pop and back: Morrissey as an International Outsider. 8. The Road to Brit-pop and back: The North Strikes Back − Madchester and the Northern Metaphor Revisited. 9. The Road to Brit-pop and back: The Battle for Britpop. 10. Conclusion: Post-Brit-Pop and The Ghosts of Englishnesses Past.