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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2016–2017
Selaat vanhentunutta opetusohjelmaa. Voimassa olevan opetusohjelman löydät täältä.
KEMI6405 Organic Synthesis 4 ECTS
Period I Period II Period III Period IV
Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Advanced studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
Department of Chemistry

Learning outcomes

Handling of moisture sensitive and hazardous chemicals, documentation of identity and purity of compounds, protecting group strategies, exploitation of reaction data bases, planning of multistep syntheses.

Teacher responsible

Tuomas Lönnberg


6-Mar-2017 – 6-Apr-2017
Lectures 20 h
Mon 6-Mar-2017 - 3-Apr-2017 weekly at 10-12, SEM1, Arcanum 2. floor
Thu 9-Mar-2017 - 6-Apr-2017 weekly at 8-10, SEM1, Arcanum 2. floor
Independent work 20 h


Numeric 0-5.