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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2017–2018
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A2, K1, T1 Contemporary Philosophy 4 op
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Käy seuraavien opintojaksojen suoritukseksi
Filosofian, poliittisen historian ja valtio-opin laitos


The class is not focused on a unique philosopher but rather on contemporary philosophy as a mirror of our time. Less neutrally, how contemporary philosophy—analytic and not—has betrayed its original role—to understand the world—by de-naturing the world altogether and instead proceeding cubistically, viz. by “aufbau-s”(“construction”) of everything, small and large, the world included. This narcissistic-constructionism pits understanding ourselves (more honestly—understanding first person me) contra old style understanding of the world-proper (of which I am—we are—water drop(s) in a river). I will discuss five famously different, in style and content, contemporary philosophers—Wittgenstein, Kripke, Rawls, Sartre and Freud—to bring out how they all cubistically-construct rather than attune-to-the-world and topograph it. A sixth source, the actual worldly phenomenon of living by Facebook—will be dissected as a trash version of this aufbauing-everything, from self to world. There will be then the question of whether we can still pursue (almost as in Milton) a “World Regained” philosophy. I want to explore—by following techniques used by Saarinen and Macmurray—what role is here played by regaining two key interrelated phenomena—Nature-study and religion—that philosophy abstracted away from.



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Joseph Almog


13.9.2017 – 13.12.2017
Luento-opetus 24 t
Ke 13.9.2017 - 13.12.2017 viikoittain klo 12-14, PUB 4