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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2017–2018
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KEMI6503 Metal-organic chemistry and catalysis 5 ECTS
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Advanced studies
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Department of Chemistry

Learning outcomes

The course deepens the knowledge on coordination chemistry related to catalysis and metal-organic reactions. The student understands the main concepts on the coordination chemistry (e.g. oxidation state, coordination number, 18 electron rule) and the reactivity of the metal complexes (e.g. substitutions, additions, eliminations).

General description

Basic concepts on coordination chemistry and catalytic chemistry, important reactions of metal complexes and coordinated ligands, common reactions of metal-organic compounds. Important applications of metal-organic compounds in catalysis.

Teacher responsible

Ari Lehtonen


30-Oct-2017 – 14-Dec-2017
Lectures 28 h
Mon 30-Oct-2017 - 11-Dec-2017 weekly at 12-14, SEM 1, ARC 2. floor
Thu 2-Nov-2017 - 14-Dec-2017 weekly at 8-10, SEM 1, ARC 2. floor


Numeric 0-5.