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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2013–2014
Selaat vanhentunutta opetusohjelmaa. Voimassa olevan opetusohjelman löydät täältä.
MUSI1694 Europe and Its Musical Others 3 op
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Käy seuraavien opintojaksojen suoritukseksi
Historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden tutkimuksen laitos


This course offers both methodologies for investigating historical negotiations of musical Others, as well as explores cultural-theoretical questions regarding (musical) exoticism, difference, spatiality, the spectacle and the gaze. Borrowing insights from postcolonial and spatial theory, the course asks how these, often visually based, theories might emerge in a different fashion when traveling rethought through music. We start by analyzing descriptions and transcriptions of Pacific Islanders' music that reached the European public after James Cook's voyages to the Pacific between 1768 and 1779, during which Cook and his crew collected and described music and musical instruments. These were met with considerable interest in Europe, challenging prevailing notions of musical, and therefore cultural, cartographies. The second case study explores the use of music in multi-sensory spectacles of perceived otherness present at 19th century world's fairs. Analyzing how "exotic" musical instruments, hymns and technological inventions enabled encounters with auditory realities from perceivably "other" places and times, we inquire into these world's fairs' heterotopic (Foucault) character. Discussing the findings from these case studies in the light of postcolonial and spatial theory, the course explores music(ology)'s potential for cultural theory, and cultural theory's potential for music(ology).

Participation: Lectures, study diaries, readings and/or essay assignment

Evaluation: 1-5


Birgit Abels
Eva-Maria van Straaten
Andreas Waczkat


John Richardson


12.3.2014 – 14.3.2014
Ke 12.3.2014 klo 14-16, Hovi lecture hall
To 13.3.2014 klo 10-14, Hovi lecture hall
Pe 14.3.2014 klo 10-16, Hovi lecture hall