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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2013–2014
Selaat vanhentunutta opetusohjelmaa. Voimassa olevan opetusohjelman löydät täältä.
SUPU2028 P2 Nordic Gendered Norms and Practices 5 op
I Periodi II Periodi III Periodi IV Periodi
Käy seuraavien opintojaksojen suoritukseksi
Historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden tutkimuksen laitos


Korvaa: Sukupuolentutkimuksen P2 sukupuoli ja yhteiskunta -opintojakson, 5 op
Huom! Kurssin opetuskieli on englanti.

Time: IV period, Spring term 2014 on Tues & Thurs at 10-12 starting from 11.3.2014
Sirkkala, seminar room E325
Coordinator: Taru Leppänen, Gender Studies
Description: this course is organized with Baltic Sea Region Studies and The Finnish-Nordic Society and Culture programmes. The course explores gendered, cultural and political dimensions of Nordic welfare state and its gendered meanings. It gives also an introduction to representations of women, men, femininities and masculinities in the field of media, art and other areas of expression.
Assessment: lectures, discussion and examination.
Grading: 1-5
Pre-registration: Not required
More information about this course: https://nettiopsu.utu.fi/opas/opintojakso.htm?rid=14427&idx=10&uiLang=en&lang=en&lvv=2013


1. Introduction to the Course 11.3.
Course coordinator Taru Leppänen, PhD, Gender Studies, University of Turku

2. Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries 13.3.
Marianne Liljeström, Professor, Gender Studies, University of Turku

3. The Concept of Gender 18.3.
Taru Leppänen

4. Men and masculinities 20.3.
Taru Leppänen

Film showing: Steam of Life (2010), dir. By Joonas Berghäll & Mika Hotakainen

5. Intersectionality 25.3.
Taru Leppänen

6. Pornography 27.3.
Susanna Paasonen, Professor, Media Studies, University of Turku

7. Multiculturalism 1.4.
Taru Leppänen

8. Gendered Violence, Race and Ethnicity 3.4.
Suvi Keskinen, Dr. Soc. Sci., Adjunct Professor, Senior Lecturer

Examination 8.4. No preregistration is required.


Examination 15.4. No preregistration is required.


Examination on general exam date Friday 16.5., hall IX (Exam registration through NettiOpsu or at the office of Gender Studies (1st floor of Minerva Building, room E116 at least ten days before the exam.)




11.3.2014 – 30.4.2014


Course literature (in Moodle):

(1) Alison Stone 2007: Gender. In: An Introduction to Feminist Philosophy. Cambridge: Polity Press, pp. 55-84.

(2) Marianne Liljeström 2009: Nordic gender equality and Finland. In Challenges for Finland and Democracy. Helsinki: Edita, pp. 232-259.

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(5) Eriksson, Maria & Keith Pringle 2005: Introduction. "Tackling Men's Violence in Families: Nordic Issues and Dilemmas" ed. by Maria Eriksson et al. Bristol: Policy Press, 2005.

(6) Tuori, Salla (2007):Gender Equality and Multiculturalism as Nation-Building Discourses, European Journal of Women’s Studies14(1), pp. 21-35.