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VALT1526 Political and Ethical Liberalism *COURSE IS CANCELLED!!! 6 ECTS
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Valtiotieteiden maisterin tutkinto
Department of Philosophy, Contemp.History and Political Sc.

General description

Course is cancelled!

This course explores the foundations of political and ethical liberalism, its basic principles and values. By reading the original texts of classical liberal thinkers, such as Hobbes, Rousseau, Mill, Locke and Kant, the course will introduce students to different concepts of freedom, liberal theory of value, and ideals of just society. Comparative study of different thinkers offers insights to variety of liberal theory, its internal controversies and challenges. In addition to early classics, some attention will also be given to modern classics (including Berlin, Rawls, Sen) to help to understand why liberalism has become the dominant paradigm of political theory, and yet, at the same time, its basic premises have been increasingly scrutinezed.

In order to successfully pass the course, students are expected to read and prepare all the course material, participate actively in seminars, and give a short presentation. Students will also write a 10-12-page essay that will be the basis of evaluation (fail – 1-5).

Instruction will be in English, provided exchange students attend.

Substitutes S1A or S1B, 6 etcs

Please, if you wish to attend, enroll in course in NettiOpsu by 23.3.2016.

If you are exhange student you can enroll in course by e-mail mevaha@utu.fi by 23.3.2016.

Lecture rooms:
Tuesday 29.3. at 10-12 Pub2
Thursday 31.3. at 10-12 Pub4
Tuesday 5.4.-28.4. at 10-12 Pub5


Kurssille on ilmoittauduttava etukäteen NettiOpsussa. Ilmoittautuminen alkaa 23.2.2016 klo 01:00 ja päättyy 23.3.2016 klo 23:59. Enroll in course in NettiOpsu. Enrolling begins 23.2.2016 and ends 23.3.2016.

Teacher responsible

Milla Vaha


29-Mar-2016 – 28-Apr-2016
Seminar 20 h
Tue 29-Mar-2016 - 26-Apr-2016 weekly at 10.15-11.45
Thu 31-Mar-2016 - 28-Apr-2016 weekly at 10.15-11.45