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Arkistoitu opetusohjelma 2015–2016
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MUSI2196 New Audiovisual Aesthetics 5 ECTS
Period I Period II Period II Period IV
Language of instruction
Type or level of studies
Intermediate studies
Course unit descriptions in the curriculum
School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies

General description

A2/A5.e/S3.e New Audiovisual Aesthetics, 3-5 ECTS

Time: III period, Tuesdays 12-14 starting 12.1.2016

Place: Janus lecture hall, Sirkkala

Registration: register by email to Sanna Qvick (sanqvi@utu.fi) to participate in the course (deadline 4.1.2016). 

General Description:

The course offers an overview of research on new audiovisual aesthetics with an emphasis on techniques of close reading and cultural analysis. New audiovisual aesthetics can be approached from a variety of theoretical and disciplinary angles, several of which will be covered in this course. The emphasis here is on the role of music and sound in combination with the other senses. The initial two lectures will provide the conceptual and theoretical tools required to undertake audiovisual analysis, after which the lectures will be structured thematically, covering such issues as neosurrealism and audiovisuality, the new independent cinema, music video analysis, new music video forms, live stage spectacles and technological mediation, multisensory analysis of audiovisual materials. 

Participation: Lectures, readings, discussions, written assignments and/or examination

Required studies: Recommended primarily to students who have completed basic studies in a relevant field of study. 

Evaluation: Numeric 0-5

Responsible teacher:

John Richardson, Sanna Qvick (teaching assistant), other lecturers


Register by email to Sanna Qvick (sanqvi(at)utu.fi) to participate in the course (deadline 4.1.2016).

Teacher responsible

John Richardson


12-Jan-2016 –


Numeric 0-5.

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