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Archived Curricula Guide 2013–2014
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BSRM0274 M5 Birth of Modernity: Cultural Dialogues in the Baltic Sea Region, 12 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The course provides a general knowledge on those past discussions that have shaped the cultural understanding of nation as well as modern individuality in the 19th century Baltic Sea area. The students will learn to understand why the Baltic Sea area can be seen as a region that is culturally connected, but still diverse. The module gives tools for understanding how the cultural texts of literature, visual arts and media represent and produce identities. After the course the students will be able to view their own research topic from a cultural point of view, identifying different cultural patterns or representations of the past societies or our contemporary lives.
Key words: culture, identity, nation, narrativity, individuality


The module exams and discusses varieties of themes related to the formation of cultural identities in the Baltic Sea Region. The scope of the module stretches from individual to national identities and covers the time scale from the nineteenth century to the present day. Geographically the emphasis is on Nordic and Baltic countries. In the module the formation of individual and national identities will be examined as cultural phenomena. Identities are formed in dialogical situations. The module concentrates on various cultural representations of individual and collective identities, such as national epics and histories, poems, novels and visual arts. Attention will be drawn to the narrative nature of identity formation.
The module consists of two parts, a lecture course and a seminar. Lecture course “Making of a modern subject and nation” deals with the formation of modern nation and individuality in the Baltic Sea area during the 19th century as simultaneous processes. The construction of national identity is examined as a cultural and dialogical process which has many transnational aspects. The course covers themes such as the rise of modern publicity and cultural activities during the 19th century, questions of gender and class as well as the dynamics between the individual identity and the society. In the seminar the students will be able to study the expressions of individual and national identities in different cultural texts and medias also from contemporary perspective.
The module offers tools for analyzing different cultural texts such as various types of literature and visual arts. During the course the students will familiarize themselves with some of the key concepts and theorizations dealing with the study of cultural identities and nationalism.

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M5 Birth of Modernity: Cultural Dialogues in the Baltic Sea Region

BSRM0275 M5 Lectures, 6 ECTS
BSRM0276 M5 Seminar, 6 ECTS
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