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Uusi opinto-opas (sisältäen myös opetusohjelmat) lukuvuodelle 2018-2019 sijaitsee osoitteessa . Tältä sivustolta löytyvät enää vanhat opinto-oppaat ja opetusohjelmat.

The new study guide (incl. teaching schedules) for academic year 2018-2019 can be found at This site contains only previous years' guides.

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Archived Curricula Guide 2013–2014
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
Elective Special Courses, 5–16 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The advanced course aims at increasing and deepening the student’s advanced level knowledge of a specific, chosen theme in the area of innovation and business. The course allows the student to focus on an issue that (s)he finds relevant and interesting according to her/his own interests.


The students select the finalizing course/courses relevant to their own interests. See the list of available courses.

Further information

List of available courses in 2013-2014

BIDI0004 Special Topic Course 5-6 cr
BIDI1005 Start-up Journey, 10 cr
BIDI0005 Advanced Special Topic Course, 5-9 cr

KVS54 Special Themes in innovation management, 2-6 cr (Career Management (2 cr) is not available for IBC students.)

TJS17 Enterprise architecture, 6 cr
TJS6 Software business, 6 cr

Belongs to following modules

Turku School of Economics
Innovation and Business Creation Study Module (Business and Innovation Development)
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Elective Special Courses

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BIDI0004 Special Topic Course, 5–6 ECTS
BIDI0005 Advanced Special Topic Course, 5–9 ECTS
BIDI1005 Start-up Journey, 10 ECTS
TJ093221 TJS6 Software Business, 6 ECTS
Turku School of Economics
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Tourism Business
Finance and Investments
Responsible Business
Brand Management
Baltic Sea Business & Society
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Sustainable Development
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MDP in Futures Studies (MA)
Futures Studies (Field of Business)
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