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Information Security Management Study Module, 25 op

Learning outcomes

The objective of the study module is to increase knowledge of information security at the organizational level, familiarize students with the relevant areas of information security management and inter-organizational contracts. After completing the module, the students will be able to understand information security in an organization as a whole and to participate in the management, evaluation and development of information security. They will know the regulations, as well as the common provisions and practices related to information security and privacy.

Furthermore students will know the principles, which contribute to good information system governance and its development, as well as the principles and approaches to proactive contracting. In particular, the students will understand and recognize the importance of business continuity and will be capable of evaluating, planning and implementing continuity practices required for avoiding and surviving IT or information system disruptions.

Students majoring in information systems science or computer science would benefit from knowledge of information security principles and implementation. On the other hand, students majoring in more technical sciences would benefit from understanding the organizatorial and managerial aspects of information security.


Information security will be examined from the societal, organizational and individual levels in the study module. On elective courses, management of information security and systems will be studied from essential perspectives of ethics, services, project management, contracts and risk management.

Completing the study module
Study module may be included in Master’s or Doctoral degree. Student has to complete at least 25 ECTS of the following courses in order to study module to be registered in diploma. All courses below will be included in the study module despite of them being for example major or minor study courses.

Compulsory courses (17-20 credits)
Turku School of Economics, Information Systems Science
TJS13 Management of Information System Security 6 cr.
TJS8 Special courses: Knowledge Management - Information Security 6 cr.
Faculty of Law
ProActive Contracting and Risk Management 5-8 cr.

Elective courses (including the compulsory courses at least 25 cr.)
Turku School of Economics, Information Systems Science
TJS8 Special courses: Privacy and Security in Healthcare 2-6 cr.
TJS16 Information technology and ethics 5 cr.
TJS1/JOS9 Management of ICT Services 6 cr.
TJSe2/JOSe10 Management of IS Projects 6 cr.
Faculty of Law 5 cr.
ProActive Law and the Prevention and Resolution of Disputes 5-8 cr.

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