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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
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KEKO9000 Sustainable Development studies, 25 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Sustainable development challenges companies, organizations and individuals to change their thinking and behavior. Sustainable Development studies is approaching the topic from holistic and multidisciplinary perspective. The studies consist of multidisciplinary teamwork-based course (KEKO1) 10 ECTS cr and selection of courses (so called KEKO2 courses) on sustainable development and responsible business.

The in-take for Sustainable Development Studies is limited. The application period for Sustainability Studies is open for English-speakers from June to mid-August. For those students who study in University of Turku a minimum requirement of 25 ECTS (KEKO1, 10 ECTS + KEKO2 courses, 15 ECTS) is required to complete KEKO, whereas for exchange students the minimum requirement is KEKO1 + one of KEKO2 courses (min. 12 ECTS).

The aim is to offer students a thorough grounding in the principles of sustainable development and means to implement these principles in various contexts. The course provides the student with an ability to understand and analyze various phenomena from the different aspects of sustainability - social, ecological, economic and cultural - and to recognize interdependencies between dimensions.


The Sustainable Development studies consists of compulsory teamwork-based course "Implementing the principles of sustainable development" KEKO1 (10 ECTS) and optional studies on sustainable development organized by different faculties of University of Turku (15 ECTS for University of Turku students, min. 2 ECTS for exchange students).

Selection of optional courses of sustainable development 15 ECTS cr

Optional courses on sustainable development are chosen from the selection offered by different faculties of University of Turku. The studies cover all four dimensions of sustainable development: ecological, social, cultural and economic. The aim is to strengthen the knowledge base of the student with those dimensions of sustainable development that are not yet strong. The selection of courses is listed at https://intranet.utu.fi/fi/sivustot/keke/sustainable/Sivut/keko2.aspx

It is also possible to include other courses than mentioned in the list, if the course will support the learning process under the theme. These courses must be negotiated with the coordinator.

Team meetings "Implementing the principles of sustainable development" KEKO0001 10 ECTS cr

Each multidisciplinary team consists of maximum 10 students and two facilitators. Teams meet 11 times with facilitators during the study year (2 hours/meeting). Team meetings will build up the holistic view of sustainable development. The aim is also to promote multidisciplinary discussions and encourage students to learn from each other.


The yearly intake is 10 students (English programme) and the application period is June – mid-August.

Further information

and Coordinator Maria Höyssä: maria.hoyssa@utu.fi

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