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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
General Postgraduate Studies, 16 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The aim of the general postgraduate studies is to familiarise the student with the philosophy of science of Social Sciences and to provide grounds for outlining one's own research work and research methods. In addition, the studies support the development of transferable skills.


General postgraduate studies (minimum of 16 credits) can include
- YLJ courses offered by the Turku School of Economics
- Courses offered by the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) or
- Courses offered by different doctoral training networks (e.g. KATAJA, FDPE, FFA)

Doctoral candidates must actively follow the offerings of different organisations, which are updated during the academic year, and choose the most suitable courses. The general postgraduate studies must include courses in philosophy of science, methodology and transferable skills. The study plan and its changes must be approved by the supervisor.

The course Information Resources and Tools for Research 1 cr (same as previous course YLJ0 Tools for a researcher) is obligatory for all doctoral students who have started their doctoral training in 2007 or after. The course offers the doctoral candidate the essential tools for information retrieval, managing the references, and the writing process.

Doctoral candidates who have been granted the study right for a doctoral degree on 2015 or later must include at least 1 ECTS of studies in Research Ethics in their doctoral degree. The studies in Research Ethics are included in the general postgraduate studies. A course offered by UTUGS is recommended: Ethics for Academic Research (2 ECTS). Also other courses (at least 1 ECTS) with similar content are accepted. Studies in Research Ethics are recommended also for doctoral candidates who have started their studies before 2015.

In the academic year 2015-2016, for example the following courses suitable for general postgraduate studies are offered:

Philosophy of Science
- Philosophical, Methodological and Pragmatic Approaches to Scientific Futures Research 3 cr (UTUGS)
- Eight Lectures on Philosophy of Science 4 cr (UTUGS) (same as an earlier course 175010 YLJ1 4 cr)

Research Methodology
- YLJe3 Methodology of Economics 4 cr (TSE)
- YLJ4 Methodology of Business Studies 4 cr (TSE)
- YLJ7 Qualitative Research Methods 4 cr (TSE)
- Doctoral course in qualitative methodology 1 or 4 cr (UTUGS)
- Doctoral Seminar in Case Studies in Business and Management Studies (KATAJA/EIASM)
- Principles of Econometrics 8 cr (FDPE)

Transferable skills
- Information Resources and Tools for Research 1 cr (UTUGS), obligatory course!
- YLJ8 Workshop on Scientific Writing 2-4 cr (TSE)
- Ethics of Academic Research 2 cr (UTUGS) Notice! Obligatory for those who started their studies in 2015 or later (or a course with similar content 1 cr)

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