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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
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MEAS1000 Minor in East Asian Studies, 25–30 ECTS

Learning outcomes

Students of the Minor in East Asian Studies will learn the basics of East Asian (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) societies, politics, and history. They will know and be able to recognize the most important social and political events, personages, and social trends in the region, are aware of the topical social and political issues in the region. After completing the minor, students will be fully capable of carrying out their studies further in the field of East Asian studies or apply their learning in various professions related to East Asia.


Students in Contemporary History who take the East Asia study line (A3.5) require a minimum of 21 credits to complete the line, i.e. all but the language courses. These students are encouraged to take the whole minor by completing also the required language studies. They can receive a separate certificate by request on completing the study line.

The courses marked (MA) are open to students of the Master's Degree Programme in Asian Studies in their Module 6: Other Studies.



Further information

Sign up for the Minor in East Asian Studies beforehand by email to ceas@utu.fi by 25 August 2014. Please note in the message your main subject, your student number, which language you want to study (Chinese, Japanese or Korean) and at which level.

By signing up, those that choose Chinese will become eligible for participation in the courses organized by the Language Centre in the CEAS quota. Japanese language will have a pre-selection process through Moodle. An exam at the end of it will determine who will be selected to Beginner’s Japanese I.
Students can also take single courses without registration. When you have completed the required amount of credits, please get in touch with the Executive Administrator to register the whole Minor.

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