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The new study guide (incl. teaching schedules) for academic year 2018-2019 can be found at https://studyguide.utu.fi. This site contains only previous years' guides.

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Archived Curricula Guide 2014–2016
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
Obligatory courses, 118 ECTS

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Department of Physics and Astronomy
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Obligatory courses

Basic studies 25 ECTS
FFYS5009 Physics 1, 4 ECTS
FFYS5010 Physics 2, 4 ECTS
FFYS5011 Physics 3, 5 ECTS
FFYS5012 Physics 4, 5 ECTS
FFYS5001 Physics Lab I, 4 ECTS
FFYS6008 Software tools in Physics, 3 ECTS
FFYS6019 Radiation and safety, 3 ECTS
Obligatory Intermediate Studies 59 ECTS
FFYS6002 Physics Lab IIA, 5 ECTS
FFYS6011 Quantum Mechanics I, 8 ECTS
FFYS6012 BSc thesis and seminar, 8 ECTS
FFYS6014 Mechanics, 4 ECTS
FFYS6015 Optics, 4 ECTS
FFYS4294 Theory of Relativity I, 2 ECTS
FFYS6025 Thermodynamics, 4 ECTS
Basic courses in Mathematics 25 ECTS
MATE5015 Calculus I, 8 ECTS
MATE5018 Calculus II, 8 ECTS
MATE5043 Linear Algebra, 9 ECTS
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Degree Programme in Physical Sciences
DP in Physics Education Track
Degree Programme in Physical Sciences
DP in Theoretical Physics
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