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BIDI0001 Innovation and Business Creation Study Module, 25 op

Learning outcomes

The Innovation and Business Creation is a multidisciplinary study module that builds on diverse capabilities within different disciplines at Turku School of Economics and Brahea Development at University of Turku. The module is designed to prepare students with concrete skills and knowledge for starting their own business or working entrepreneurially in any kind of organisation ranging from small companies to large enterprises.

The study module is targeted to students of any discipline helping them to understand and exploit the innovation potential of their own discipline by proving them with skills to recognise, create, evaluate and exploit business opportunities. The study module contains courses providing students with basics and fundamentals of new venture creation and business development in order to apply knowledge about innovation and business management in different settings and situations. To further advance the learning process, optional special topic courses give students an opportunity to integrate their prior knowledge, the fresh contents of innovation and business creation in the context of their own major studies. Besides the knowledge and skills, these studies are targeting to facilitate business and entrepreneurial mindset and behaviour.

After completing the study module the students are equipped with practical working tools for a real business start-up and an understanding of business development process from the very beginning of a new venture. Along the way, the she students gain adequate academic and practical skills to be utilised in the modern knowledge intensive business, including project management skills, problem solving, creativity and innovation management. The courses are taught in English, training students to work in an international context.


There is a restricted attendance in the study module which is open for all faculties of the University of Turku and for certain specified Master's degree students in Åbo Akademi University. The studies begin annually in September. The students are selected based on their prior studies and study merits. The application period, process and selection criteria in detail and more information at: http://www.utu.fi/en/units/braheadevelopment/education/innovation-and-entrepreneurship-education/Pages/innovation-and-business-creation-study-module-.aspx

The student will complete four or more obligatory core courses (16, 19, or 21 ECTS) and in addition select optional course(s) according to their degree and programme regulations and own personal interest. Please notice that some courses have restricted attendance and only limited number of student places annually. The list of available elective courses may vary in different years.

The structure of the Innovation and Business Creation study module:

Obligatory Core courses (16 or 19 or 21 ECTS)
BIDI0002 Introduction to Innovation and Business, 3 or 5 ECTS
BIDI1002 Business Management of Start-ups, 3 ECTS (for non-business majors only)
BIDI0004 Special Topic Studies, 3 or 6 ECTS
BIDI0003 Business Development Laboratory, 7 ECTS
YR222072 YR7 Startup!, 10 ECTS

Elective special courses (3-9 ECTS)
BIDI0005 Advanced Special Topic Studies, 3-9 ECTS
KVS54 Special Themes in Innovation Management, 2 or 4 ECTS
TJS17 Enterprise Architecture, 6 ECTS
TJS6 Software Business, 6 ECTS

(See the course YR222072 in the study guide: Curricula guides: Turku School of Economics.
Note! Teaching in the course is only in Finnish. International students may also participate provid-ed that they are able to keep up with the course with the help of Finnish speaking members of the startup team in which they join. Also, some personal tutoring can be organized in English.
The course is part of national Nuori Yrittäjyys (NY) Start Up programme. The course includes a 22 ¤ fee for course material. Registration for the course: http://nystartup.fi/lms/student-registration/ Select the course: "NY Start Up! Turku")

Further information

Further information
To all faculties at the University of Turku. To spesific Masters' Degree programme students at Åbo Akademi University. Students from Turku School of Economics can also apply for the whole study module or solely for the Business Development Laboratory course(7 ECTS).
The study module is coordinated by Development Services at the Brahea Centre.
Responsible head teacher, Pasi Malinen
Study planning and development, Sari Stenvall-Virtanen
Study module coordination, Kaisu Paasio
Study administration (course and credit regisration), Nina Ellfolk
Specific course related questions, resposible teachers.

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Innovation and Business Creation Study Module

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