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Operations & Supply Chain Management, courses lectured in English

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Operations & Supply Chain Management is concerned with the planning, implementation and controlling of the forward and reverse flows of a company's material, as well as the related information and financial processes, with the purpose of serving the market efficiently regarding time, flexibility and costs. The studies convey a holistic view of companies' material, information and financial flows from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Specific fields of logistics such as procurement, manufacturing, warehousing and transport are addressed, along with the methods of supply chain management research. The courses deal with logistics management, operations across company boundaries and within networks, from the perspective of industries, retailers, and logistics service providers.

I-IV in the period column refers to the four periods, respectively. Autumn term consists of the periods I and II, and spring term of the periods III and IV. Please also note that the "Advanced Studies" are only available for students at the Master's or Doctoral degree levels.

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Operations & Supply Chain Management, courses lectured in English

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Operations and Supply Chain Management
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