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Business English, Turku


Numeric 0-5.

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Recommended for Master's Degree programme students and for exchange students:

EN3 International Business Negotiations Skills
EN13 Intercultural Team Building with a Shared International Language

Other available courses:
EN2 Marketing Communication
EN5 International Presentation Skills
EN7 Effective Managerial Communication
EN10 Academic Writing (only Master's degree programme students)
EN11 Business in the Media
EN30 Supplementary Studies in Business Communication (only Master's degree programme students)
EN14 Pronunciation in Business English

Please note that the group size for the above mentioned courses is limited.

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Centre for Language and Communication Studies
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Business English, Turku

Recommended for TSE Master's Degree programme students and for exchange students. EN13 is particularly for Exchange Students.
KKEN2010 EN10 Academic Writing, 3 ECTS
Department of Marketing and International Business
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Economic Geography
International Business
Economic Sociology
Business Japanese
Business Chinese
Finnish Study Modules
Multilingual Business Communication