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The new study guide (incl. teaching schedules) for academic year 2018-2019 can be found at https://studyguide.utu.fi. This site contains only previous years' guides.

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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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Advanced studies, not lectured in 2016-2018

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Department of Mathematics and Statistics
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Advanced studies, not lectured in 2016-2018

The data given of the courses is not updated.
MATE5226 Seminar in Cryptography, 5 ECTS
SMAT5061 Game Theory II, 5 ECTS
MATE5258 Image and Video Compression, 10 ECTS
MATE5335 Matrix Groups, 10 ECTS
SMAT5213 Calculus of variations, 5 ECTS
MATE5290 Algorithmic complexity, 10 ECTS
MATE5095 Analytic Number Theory, 5 ECTS
MATE5085 Convolutional Codes, 5 ECTS
MATE5347 Image Compression, 5 ECTS
SMAT5303 Decision Making, 5 ECTS
SMAT5129 Risk Theory, 10 ECTS
MATE5159 Algebraic Numbers, 5–10 ECTS
MATE5232 Mathematical Logic, 5 ECTS
MATE5091 Measure Theory, 5 ECTS
MATE6009 NP-completeness, 5 ECTS
MATE5103 Ordered Sets, 10 ECTS
MATE5165 Ramsey Theory, 5 ECTS
MATE5316 Finite Fields, 5 ECTS
SMAT5308 Calculus of Variations, 5 ECTS
SMAT5307 Control Theory, 5 ECTS
SMAT5310 Nonsmooth optimization, 5 ECTS
SMAT5309 Nonsmooth analysis, 5 ECTS
SMAT5218 Robust optimization, 5 ECTS
SMAT5059 Vector Optimization, 5 ECTS
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
DP in Mathematics and Statistics
DP in Mathematics
DP in Statistics
MDP in Information Security and Cryptography
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