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Advanced-level studies in the major subject, 65–70 ECTS

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Department of Future Technologies
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Advanced-level studies in the major subject

Mandatory courses in Åbo Akademi University: Real-Time Systems, Programming of Embedded Systems, Introduction to Many-Core Programming, Design Methods for Energy-Efficient Embedded Systems. Please see
DTEK8067 HDL Based Design, 5 ECTS
DTEK8048 FPGA Prototyping, 5 ECTS
ETT_2061 System Verification, 5 ECTS
EC2 25–30 ECTS
Optional courses from the following list 15–20 ECTS
Optional courses (15-20 sp) in subjects related to Embedded Computing. One may choose among the courses listed below or other courses provided by, for example, the departments of Information Technology and Mathematics. Also practical training (max 5 cp, two weeks equals to 1 cp) can be included. Optional courses in Åbo Akademi University: Applied Signal Processing Theory, Code Optimization, Multi-Media Algorithm Implementation, Modeling of Embedded Systems. Please see
DTEK2011 Sensor Network Systems, 5 ECTS
DTEK8076 Capstone Project, 15 ECTS
Department of Future Technologies
DP in Computer Science
DP in Computer Science
DP Bachelor of Science in Techn.(Communication St)
DP in Information and Communication Technology
MDP in Digital Health and Life Sciences (Tech.)
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