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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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B. Language, intermediate level and optional studies, 40 ECTS

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Department of Future Technologies
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B. Language, intermediate level and optional studies

1. Language studies 0–5 ECTS
All foreign students whose native language is not Finnish must pass Finnish language courses (KIFF0003) worth at least 5 ECTS. All students with Finnish education background (suomenkielinen peruskoulu) are excused for the course and must instead pass virkamiesruotsi (KIRU2321 and KIRU2341) either in their BSc. or MSc. Degree (Valtion virkamieheltä kaksikielisellä kielialueella vaadittava kielitaito siitä annetun lain (424/2003) 6§:n 1 momentin mukaan.) Courses are arranged by the Language Centre at the University of Turku (see the Language Centre study guide, or website
2. Intermediate level studies in the major subject 0–25 ECTS
are meant for students whose Bachelor' studies do not fulfill the prerequisites for advanced studies in their selected information security specialization area. Since the intermediate level studies are mainly given in Finnish, these studies are based on literature, on which an examination must be passed.
3. Optional studies 10–40 ECTS
The optional studies complete the student's expertise profile in the selected specialization and major subject. Depending on the student's specialization area, these studies are negotiated when preparing the personal study plan for the student. Also practical training (max 6 ECTS) can be included in this section. The optional studies may also include MOOCs and a large group project (10-20 ECTS) in the student's specialization (Capstone project). The optional studies are planned to build a special information security expertise profile to the student and may for example include additional courses in the selected major subject, or courses in mathematics, communication systems, embedded computing, computer science, software engineering, management and/or innovation and business creation. In the Networked Systems Security track, degree requirements state that studies in category B must always include a minor subject of at least 20 ECTS. Examples of useful optional studies and minor subjects include:
Information Technology Management 25 ECTS
Students can extend their Information security management studies to a minor subject by taking this module. This minor subject may not be available every year. Further details need to be discussed with the study supervisor.
Compulsory courses
TJS13 Management of Information System Security 6 ECTS, TJS17 Enterprise architecture 6 ECTS
Optional courses (choose many enough to reach altogether at least 25 sp)
TJS1/JOS9 Management of ICT Services 6 ECTS, TJSe2/JOSe10 Management of IS Projects 6 ECTS, TJS8 IT Governance and Strategic Management of IT 6 ECTS, TJS16 Information technology and ethics 6 ECTS, TJS6 Software Business 2-6 ECTS
Cryptography and Data Security 20–25 ECTS
Students of the Networked Systems Security track can extend their cryptography studies to a minor subject by taking this module. Further details need to be discussed with the study supervisor.
Networked Systems Security 25 ECTS
Students of the Cryptography and Data Security track can extend their Networked Systems Security studies to a minor subject by taking this module. Further details need to be discussed with the study supervisor.
Communication and Network Technology 20–25 ECTS
Students of both tracks can extend their communication and network technology studies to a minor subject by taking this module. Further details need to be discussed with the study supervisor.
Other available minor subjects or optional studies
Computer Science, Embedded Computing, Innovation and Business Creation, Mathematics. The exact content of the minor subject in these topics is specified in the student's personal study plan discussion with the study supervisor. Also other minor subject topics may be available.
Department of Future Technologies
DP in Computer Science
DP in Computer Science
DP Bachelor of Science in Techn.(Communication St)
DP in Information and Communication Technology
MDP in Digital Health and Life Sciences (Tech.)
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