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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
Curricula Guide is archieved. Please refer to current Curricula Guides
Course Descriptions
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Course Descriptions

BKEM - Biochemistry Course Descriptions
BKEM1231 Metabolism, 4 ECTS
BKEM3771 Bioinformatics, Exercises, 2 ECTS
BKEM3770 Bioinformatics, 1 ECTS
BKEM1012 Bionanoscience, 3 ECTS
BKEM5110 Biotechnology 1, 2 ECTS
BKEM5111 Biotechnology 2, 3 ECTS
BKEM5112 Biotechnology 3, 2 ECTS
BKEM5113 Biotechnology 4, 3 ECTS
BKEM1020 Frontiers of Science, 2 ECTS
BKEM5121 Immunology - practise, 2 ECTS
BKEM5120 Immunology - theory, 4 ECTS
BKEM3547 Methods in Immunology, 2 ECTS
BKEM3748 Essentials of Immunology, 4 ECTS
BKEM5190 Laboratory Work Placement, 4 ECTS
BKEM5130 Final Examination, 6 ECTS
BKEM5135 Bachelor's thesis, 7 ECTS
BKEM5011 Microbiology - practise, 3 ECTS
BKEM5010 Microbiology - theory, 4 ECTS
BKEM1038 Molecular Cell Biology, 6 ECTS
BKEM3102 Teaching Practice, 8 ECTS
BKEM5151 Proteins and Enzymes, 10 ECTS
BKEM5160 Cell and Energy - theory, 6 ECTS
BKEM1009 Scientific Writing, 1 ECTS
BKEM3540 Work Placement, 4 ECTS
KABI - Molecular Plant Biology Course Descriptions
KABI5070 Astrobiology, 2 ECTS
KABI5045 Bioenergetics lectures, 2 ECTS
KABI5046 Bioenergetics practicals, 2 ECTS
KABI5065 Origin of Life, 2 ECTS
KABI3002 Plant anatomy I, 1 ECTS
KABI3052 Plant Anatomy 2, 3 ECTS
KABI2001 Basic plant biochemistry, 2 ECTS
KABI3001 Basic plant physiology, 2 ECTS
KABI5102 M.Sc. final examination 1, 6 ECTS
KABI5103 M.Sc. final examination 2, 4 ECTS
KABI3102 Final examination, 4 ECTS
KABI5051 Training in teaching, 4 ECTS
KABI5020 Plant Biology Seminar, 2 ECTS
KABI5075 Plant-virus interactions, 2 ECTS
KABI5071 Signalling in plants, 2 ECTS
KABI5073 Transcriptomics, 4 ECTS
KABI5050 Practical Training, 4 ECTS
Department of Biochemistry
DP in Biochemistry
DP Bachelor of Science in Tech. (Biotechnology)
DP in Biochemistry
DP in Food Chemistry
DP on Molecular Biology and Bioenergetics
DP in Biotechnology
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