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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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DIBT - Biotechnology (tech.) Course Descriptions

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Department of Biochemistry
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DIBT - Biotechnology (tech.) Course Descriptions

DIBT0062 Biotechnical systems, 4 ECTS
DIBT0015 Master's thesis, 30 ECTS
DIBT0204 Master's thesis seminar, 4 ECTS
DIBT0056 Immunoassay development), 5 ECTS
DIBT0061 Immunoassay development, 4 ECTS
DIBT0059 IVD product development, 3 ECTS
DIBT0201 Publications practices, 1 ECTS
DIBT0023 Teaching practice, 8 ECTS
DIBT0058 Working in a clean room, 2 ECTS
DIBT0206 Work placement, 1–4 ECTS
DIBT0205 Working in a research project, 1–4 ECTS
A1304 Reaction kinetics, 7 ECTS
A4502 Refrigeration, 4 ECTS
A4508 Transport processes, 4 ECTS
A__8668 Process technology, 5 ECTS
A__8669 Separation technology, 5 ECTS
A__8671 Heat engineering, 5 ECTS
Department of Biochemistry
DP in Biochemistry
DP Bachelor of Science in Tech. (Biotechnology)
DP in Biochemistry
DP in Food Chemistry
DP on Molecular Biology and Bioenergetics
DP in Biotechnology
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