Course Descriptions
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Course Descriptions

Yleisopinnot 1 op
FFYS5000 Orientation course, 1 ECTS
Basic Studies
FFYS5001 Physics Lab I, 4 ECTS
FFYS5003 Basics in Physics 1, 4 ECTS
FFYS5004 Basics in Physics 2, 4 ECTS
FFYS5005 Basics in Physics 3, 4 ECTS
FFYS5006 Basics in Physics 4, 4 ECTS
FFYS5009 Physics 1, 4 ECTS
FFYS5010 Physics 2, 4 ECTS
FFYS5011 Physics 3, 5 ECTS
FFYS5012 Physics 4, 5 ECTS
TÄHT5000 Observational Astronomy I, 7 ECTS
TÄHT5001 Astronomy 1, 5 ECTS
TÄHT5002 Astronomy 2, 5 ECTS
TÄHT5003 History of Astronomy, 5 ECTS
Intermediate Studies
TÄHT6007 Basics in Astrobiology, 2 ECTS
TFYS6011 Differential geometry, 4 ECTS
FFYS6002 Physics Lab IIA, 5 ECTS
FFYS6003 Laboratory Physics IIB, 5 ECTS
FFYS6004 Laboratory Physics IIIA, 4 ECTS
FFYS6005 Laboratory physics IIIB, 4 ECTS
FFYS6008 Software tools in Physics, 3 ECTS
FFYS6010 Solid state physics I, 4 ECTS
TFYS6008 Quantum experiments, 4 ECTS
TFYS6004 Quantum mechanics II, 9 ECTS
FFYS6012 BSc thesis and seminar, 8 ECTS
FFYS6014 Mechanics, 4 ECTS
FFYS6015 Optics, 4 ECTS
FFYS6027 Project work, 3 ECTS
FFYS6030 Quantum Mechanics I, 8 ECTS
FFYS4294 Theory of Relativity I, 2 ECTS
TFYS6009 Theory of Relativity II, 4 ECTS
TFYS6010 Electrodynamics, 4 ECTS
FFYS6019 Radiation and safety, 3 ECTS
FFYS6025 Thermodynamics, 4 ECTS
TÄHT6006 Laboratory in Astronomy I, 4 ECTS
Advanced studies lectured 2016-2017
Theoretical Physics
TFYS7006 Cosmology, 8 ECTS
TFYS7005 Quantum Mechanics III, 4 ECTS
TFYS7021 Open Quantum Systems, 8 ECTS
TFYS7010 Statistical Physics, 8 ECTS
Advanced studies lectured 2017-2018
Theoretical Physics
TFYS7027 Hilbert space operators, 5 ECTS
TFYS7025 Network theory, 8 ECTS
TFYS7024 Presentation skills, 4 ECTS
TFYS7004 Quantum Field Theory, 8 ECTS
Other Advanced Studies
TFYS7006 Cosmology, 8 ECTS
FFYS7052 Special course in Physics, 2–4 ECTS
TÄHT7025 Master's thesis, Astronomy, 35 ECTS
FFYS7037 Master's Thesis, Physics, 35 ECTS
TÄHT7026 Special course in Astronomy, 2–6 ECTS
FFYS7051 Special course in Space physics, 2–6 ECTS
FFYS7039 Topical project in Research, 3–9 ECTS
FFYS7040 Internship, 0–6 ECTS
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Degree Programme in Physical Sciences
DP in Physics Education Track
Degree Programme in Physical Sciences
DP in Theoretical Physics
Finnish Study Modules