SUPU2000 Gender Studies, Intermediate Studies, 35–40 ECTS


Numeric 0-5.

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Gender Studies, Intermediate Studies

SUPU2001 Feminist Methodology, 5 ECTS
SUPU2002 Feminist Philosophy, 5 ECTS
Gender Studies, Themes II 15 ECTS
SUPU2035 The Concept of Gender II, 5 ECTS
SUPU2036 Sexualities II, 5 ECTS
SUPU2037 Feminist Knowledge I, 5 ECTS
SUPU2038 Experience and Affect I, 5 ECTS
SUPU2039 Global and Local I, 5 ECTS
SUPU3014 Transgender Studies II, 5 ECTS
SUPU2040 Optional Theme II, 5 ECTS
School of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies
Gender Studies
Cultural Management Studies
Museology (Pori)
Creative Writing
Life Philosophy
European Ethnology
Comparative Religion
MDP in Women and Gender Studies
Finnish Literature
Media Studies
Art History
Comparative Literature
Cultural Heritage Studies
Digital Culture
Landscape Studies
Cultural Production and Landscape Studies
Cultural History
Finnish History
European and World History
MDP in European Heritage, Digital Media and Infor.
Finnish Study Modules
School of History, Cultural Research and Art St.
Records and Archives Management
Master's Degree Pathway in Popular Culture Studies
Cultural and Experience Tourism
MDP in Gender Studies