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International Studies

Learning outcomes

Theoretical (25-30 ECTS points)

1. General and dental orientation 2.0 ECTS points; DENT 9902
2. Ethics in health care 3.0 ECTS points; HOIT 0802
3. Finnish health policy 2.0 ECTS points; HOIT 3501
4. PeGaSOS -seminars 1.0 ECTS point; PGS_1454
5. Three dimensional (3D) imaging of developing craniofacial structures 1.0 ECTS
point; DENV 2027
6. Finnish for foreigners 2.0 ECTS points; KI FF0013
7. Basic pharmacology 9.0 ECTS points; FKL F3008
8. Literature review or research project (Independent work), 5.0-10 ECTS points;
DENV 2028
9. Oral presentation of the student’s own research project 1.0 ECTS points; DENV 2029

Practical (11 ECTS points)
1. Introduction to patient care 3.0 ECTS points; DENT 9904. Includes competence test for clinical practice
2. Clinical patient care1 6.0 ECTS points; DENT 9905. A good skill in writing and talking in Finnish language is required. Successful completion of DENT9904 is required for admission.
3. Supervising younger students in basic skills 2.0 ECTS points; DENV 2030

15th or 6th -year students may act as “clinical tutors” to each incoming ERASMUS
student. All communication, examinations, handling of patient records, referrals to
radiographs, treatment planning, and treatment can be carried out as team-work
among the exchange and the local student. N.B. Both foreign and national students
are credited for the team-work hours!
Active participation in lectures and practical.
Applicants commencing their last autumn term are preferred.


Target group: Incoming ERASMUS exchange students

Further information

Coordinator Arzu Tezvergil-Mutluay, Institute of Dentistry

Module 1 Learning options for incoming ERASMUS exchange students
Module 2 International learning options for Finnish dental students
Level: Optional, recommended for Autumn-term of last-year dental students

Volume:3-6 months or 39-44 ECTS points

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