NAMS North American Studies, 25–60 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The North American Studies program (NAMS) offers an interdisciplinary range of classes and study opportunities relating to North America: i.e. the United States and Canada, either examined together or separately.


NAMS can be taken as a free-access Minor (sivuaine) by any student registered for a degree with the University of Turku (Turun yliopisto) or with Ňbo Akademi University. NAMS offers Basic Studies (25 op/ECTS) and Intermediate Studies (35 op/ECTS).

All classes and study units in the NAMS program are also open to any student registered with Turun yliopisto for a degree or as a visiting international or exchange student, and these courses can be included for credit in exchange students' Learning Agreements. Please note, however, that exchange students are not admitted to the University of Turku only or primarily for the North American Studies program.

When required, registration for taught courses in NAMS is typically done via NettiOpsu.
NAMS offers students a wide range of choices in their studies. The compulsory components in the programme are:
- NAMS Basics: NAMS1111 Crossing the Atlantic and one American Voices seminar (organised annually in October)
- NAMS Intermediate Studies: NAMS3001 Interdisciplinary Project and one American Voices seminar (organised annually in October)

For a complete listing of the courses available, please consult the programme website at

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