Doctoral Studies in Business Law


The main subjects of business law research are company law, securities law and international tax law. Contract law and intellectual property rights also make up an integral part of our scholarly activity. The central aim of our postgraduate studies is to provide international researchers a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and its interaction with the economy. In particular, we encourage and support our researchers in developing their methodological skills and expanding their academic networks. After their post-graduate studies, business law researchers are commonly employed by universities and also private practice within the areas of tax advisory, corporate finance, audit and financial administration.

Postgraduate studies in Business Law

YJJ1 Theory and Historical Development of Jurisprudence (8 ECTS cr)
YJJ2a Special Course in Civil Law (8 ECTS cr)
YJJ2b Special Course in Fiscal Law (8 ECTS cr)
YJJ3 Specialization in some Field of Commercial Law (8 ECTS cr)
YJJ4 Specialization in some Field of Commercial Law (8 ECTS cr)
YJL Licentiate Thesis (90 ECTS cr)
YJV Doctoral Dissertation (180 ECTS cr)

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Doctoral Studies in Business Law

Regarding the postgraduate studies in Business Law, see Study Guide and contact your supervisor.
YJ055800 YJL Lisensiaatintutkimus, 90 op
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