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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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Doctoral Studies in Quantitative Methods in Management


Quantitative Methods in Management focuses on quantitative and mathematical methods applied in, for example, finance, economics, and logistics. In postgraduate studies, the emphasis is on developing exact analytical skills needed for a scientifically rigorous treatment of the considered research problems. Studies focusing on the development of computational skills needed in the analysis and potential simulation of data are typically also included into the syllabus.

For the major students, the course TKMJ6 is compulsory. All other courses are optional. One can also include studies from other universities, but these have to be agreed separately with the supervisor.

Postgraduate studies in Quantitative Methods in Management

TKMJ1 Operations analysis and mathematical optimization (8 ECTS cr)
TKMJ2 Decision theory (8 ECTS cr)
TKMJ3 Statistical theory and methods (8 ECTS cr)
TKMJ4 Probability theory and stochastic models (8 ECTS cr)
TKMJ5 Mathematical models of finance (8 ECTS cr)
TKMJ6 Specialization course (8 ECTS cr)
TKML Licentiate thesis (90 ECTS cr)
TKMV Doctoral Dissertation (180 ECTS cr)

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Turku School of Economics
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Doctoral Studies in Quantitative Methods in Management

Regarding the postgraduate studies in Quantitative Methods in Management, see Study Guide and contact your supervisor.
TK085006 TKMJ6 Erikoistumisosa, 8 op
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Quantitative Methods in Management
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