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Other elective/optional studies, 0–16 ECTS

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Other elective/optional studies

Complementary courses depending on the previous studies: MBID0001 and ĊA_1902. Optional studies allow focusing on specific topics and/or provide support on topics not covered in student’s previous studies. Courses listed below are highly recommended, but students may also choose other courses. Optional courses must be approved by the staff and will be written down in the Personal Study Plan.
BIMAĊA_1902 Laboratory Basics, 2 op
BKEM1012 Bionanoscience, 3 ECTS
BIMA2105 Biomedical Ethics, 1 ECTS
Department of Biochemistry
DP in Biochemistry
DP Bachelor of Science in Techn. (Biotechnology)
DP in Biochemistry
DP in Food Chemistry
DP on Molecular Biology and Bioenergetics
DP in Biotechnology
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