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Master's thesis in Biomedical imaging, 45 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The students are introduced to planning and performing a research project in the field of biomedical imaging as well as to critical, scientific thinking. Familiarizing with the background literature of the Master's thesis project and composing the practical work and the review of literature to a form of an academic thesis.


Consists of thesis plan, seminar and practical laboratory part (25 ECTS) and written thesis (20 ECTS). The Master's thesis project will be conducted under supervision in a research group. Before starting the practical part, a student must submit a thesis plan accepted by the supervisor. The subject of the project need to be first discussed with the responsible professor or the programme coordinator. The project duration is approximately five (5) months of intensive work with the practical part of the project. The results of the thesis project will be presented in the Master's thesis seminar and in form of a written thesis.

Further information

Master's Thesis in Biomedical Imaging, 45 ECTS

The Master's Thesis accounts for 45 ECTS and it is composed of two parts:
1) thesis plan, seminar and practical laboratory part (25 ECTS) and
2) written thesis (20 ECTS).

It is recommended that the thesis is written in the last year of study, i.e. during the second academic year. Contact professor John Eriksson (ÅAU) or professor Pekka Hänninen (UTU) to discuss a possible topic for the thesis.

Specialization at Thesis Level in one of the four topics:
- Light microscopy imaging
- In vivo & Clinical Imaging
- Imaging in Nanotechnology and Material Sciences
- Microscopy techniques and instrument design

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Master's thesis in Biomedical imaging

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