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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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BIMA Minor subject studies in Biomedical Imaging, 20–30 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The students should select a minimum of 25 ECTS of the offered courses. If the student studies in the biotechnology DI programme (Biotekniikan DI tutkinto-ohjelma), a minimum amount of courses is 20 ECTS, excluding ANAT5105 Fluoresence in Bioanalytical Research.

Further information

Application procedure:

Application form can be found here:

5-6 students with suitable background (e.g. biotechnology, information technology, bioinformatics) can be selected annually. The same package will also be offered for Åbo Akademi University students.

The study right will be given for one study year.

Deadline for applications is annually July 15th.

More information:

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Minor subject studies in Biomedical Imaging

BIMAÅA_0432 Bioimaging and Microscopy, 5 ECTS
BIMAÅA_1903 Introduction to Biophysics, 5 ECTS
Institute of Biomedicine
DP in Biomedicine
Finnish Study Modules
MDP in Drug Discovery and Development
MDP in Biomedical Imaging
Biomedical Imaging