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Double Degree Options in the GITM Program


The GITM double degree options are available for the major students of information systems and information management in the partner universities. The core of the GITM program in a double degree options BIKMA, ITEM, and DEMA is the information management module provided by information systems science at TSE. It comprises courses like Management of IS Projects, Management of ICT Services, Management of IS Security and Enterprise Architecture. This IT management module is a joint core element of all IS major students of TSE and its international IT management programs. The IT Management module focuses on the delivery of IT and in the implementation of IT services, applications and infrastructure to meet business needs and IT security requirements.
From the perspective of the GITM program, each partner university offers one specialization for the program that is based on their unique expertise and profile:

Central China Normal University: Specialization on Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management (BIKMA):
- The Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management module concentrates on the application of data and information in decision-making, at individual, organizational, industry/ecosystem and society levels.

Tilburg University: Specialization on Enterprise Management (ITEM):
- The Enterprise Information and Integration module focuses on reengineering and integration through information systems of operative processes (e.g. production, logistics) of an organization.

Passau University: Digital Enterprise Architecture Management (DEAM):
- Enterprise systems and architecture module focuses on modern organization of information assets supported by enterprise architecture management.

The other joint core element is the Master's Thesis module which focuses on applying theory to solve practical problems and learning to obtain practical experience e.g. from an internship or an assignment in an enterprise.

The students entering the GITM double degree program from partner universities will follow the Master of Science degree structure majoring in Information Systems Science:

Master of Science 120 cr
- Major: Information Systems Science 80 cr
(incl. Master's thesis 30 ECTS and IS research methods)
- Optional Studies (minor, language and communication studies etc.) 40 cr

The IS-major students of Turku School of Economics entering the GITM double degree options may follow the structure of their Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration degree.

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Double Degree Options in the GITM Program

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