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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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International Career in Health Sciences, 5 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The objective of the course is to generate sufficient preparedness to pursue international career and familiarize students interested in internationality to the potential job alternatives abroad and in Finland.


The course, taught in English, supports students to recognize and develop personal assets and skills, and gives tools for successful international networking and collaboration. The course will offer an in-depth insight into various national and international tasks in the field of health sciences on a macro level as well as into the personal development of international expertise on a micro level. The course concentrates on the focus points of the research and education conducted at the Dpt of Nursing Science. A strong emphasis is put on students’ student’s own motivation and initiatives throughout the course.

The course is taken mainly during the master degree studies. The course is divided into two academic years and the content of the course is partly individually tailored. The parts of a whole course are introduction and planning of internationalization (2 ECTS) and implementation of internationalization (3 ECTS). The number of students enrolled to the course is restricted to 8‒12 students and they will be included in the enrolment order.

International exchange is a highly recommended as a part of the course. It is possible to do some internship also in Finland in some international context or for instance visit some international non-governmental organisation (NGO) related to the health field. The placement has to be approved of by the person in charge of the course in advance. If the international exchange is planned to be a part of other studies to be included into the degree, some additional assignments/activities can be individually given for this course.



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International Career in Health Sciences

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