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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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HLT2 Postgraduate studies DOdont, PhD, 40 ECTS

Learning outcomes

The objective of the postgraduate studies is to acquaint the doctoral candidate with the general research methods of the discipline, planning research and evaluating the results, academic writing, historical and ethical grounds for research work and to strengthen the researcher's general transferable skills. The objective of the discipline-specific studies included in the theoretical studies is a deep familiarization with the knowledge and research methods of one's own field and monitoring the academic development in the field.
One of the aims of doctoral training is to give a readiness to work in an international research community.

Additionally all doctoral programmes have their programme-specific learning outcomes.


General studies 10-20 credits and discipline-specific studies 20-30 credits.

A student pursuing a licentiate degree but planning to complete a doctoral degree may initiate the theoretical studies of the doctoral degree (both general and discipline-specific) already before the completion of his/her licentiate degree. Courses which belong to the licentiate in Medicine degree or other higher university degree giving the eligibility for doctoral degree cannot be utilised in a doctoral degree.

In addition to the Faculty of Medicine, postgraduate training (courses) suitable for a doctoral degree is organized by the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) and other faculties. Also study attainments (courses, seminars) organized by other parties than the University of Turku (e.g. other universities, Open University, scientific associations) may be approved as general studies.

Faculty's departments, different units, clinics and many other (national/international) parties have the leading role in organizing the discipline-specific courses, seminars and congresses related to the doctoral candidate's own research field. Studies supporting internationalisation, which are approved in a doctoral degree, are for example participating in international conferences, scientific work at a foreign research institute, courses completed abroad and guest lectures and international courses arranged at the home university.

Each doctoral programme has a programme-specific curriculum specifying the content of the degree. It is recommended to include 5 credits of the doctoral programme-specific general studies and/or discipline studies to the postgraduate study whole (40 credits).
- Finnish Doctoral Program in Oral Sciences FINDOS-Turku:
- Drug Research Doctoral Programme (DRDP):
- Doctoral Programme of Clinical Investigation (CLIDP):
- Turku Doctoral Programme of Molecular Medicine (TuDMM):

In connection to approving the study plan, the supervisor (primarily) and the doctoral programme make sure that the studies form a balanced entity, in which the decreed aims set for a doctoral degree in medical science are fulfilled. The final decision on the approval is made by the faculty.

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Postgraduate studies DOdont, PhD

General studies 10–20 ECTS
The doctoral candidate has to complete 10-20 credits. The minimum amount of general studies (10 credits) must include the obligatory Philosophy of Medicine course 2 credits. It is recommended to include 5 credits of the doctoral programme-specific studies to general studies and/or to discipline-specific studies of the postgraduate study whole (40 credits). The doctoral candidate may gather study module of other general studies from the ALTERNATIVES BELOW OR FROM OTHER CORRESPONDING TRAINING.
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