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Archived Curricula Guide 2016–2018
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Doctoral thesis, 180 ECTS


The doctoral thesis must be a presentation which is based on independent research on a subject within one of TSE's scientific fields. The doctoral thesis may be a monograph or a compilation thesis comprising of several scientific publications on the same subject, manuscripts accepted for publication, or other works which fulfil the corresponding scientific criteria, and a synthesis part which specifies the research problem, its motivation and scientific position, the research aims, methods, results and conclusions. The publications can also include collaborative publications if the student’s independent contribution to them can be shown. Compiled works are defined in closer detail in separate guidelines.
The application for the preliminary examination of the doctoral thesis must be submitted to the Committee for Research and Doctoral Studies with one copy of the complete thesis manuscript. After hearing the Committee for Research and Doctoral Studies, the Vice Dean responsible for research and postgraduate education appoints at least two thesis examiners, who are from outside TSE and hold at least a doctoral degree, and one of whom is at least a docent or has equivalent competence.

After completing the preliminary examination, the examiners must declare whether the thesis holds scientific value which fulfils the criteria for a doctoral thesis. The preliminary examiners must give their reasoned statement mainly within three months after the final manuscript has been submitted to preliminary examination. After hearing the Committee for Research and Doctoral Studies, the Vice Dean responsible for research and postgraduate education grants the thesis a public examination permit (a printing permission) and appoints one or two opponents, at least one of whom is a docent or has an equivalent qualification. In addition the Vice Dean appoints a Grading Committee for the grading of the thesis. The members of the committee are the preliminary examiner(s), the opponent(s) and the supervisor(s). Furthermore, the Vice Dean appoints a TSE professor, who can also be emeritus/emerita, or, for a special reason, a holder of at least a doctoral degree, to act as the custos (the chairman of the defence). The custos is usually the supervisor of the thesis.

The thesis must be published in a way which is approved by the Board of TSE. Additionally, the thesis must be available for at least 10 days before the public examination at a location designated by TSE, unless an exception is granted. The publication process takes usually about seven weeks.

The Board of TSE grades the doctoral thesis on the basis of the opponents' statement using the following grades:
- laudatur
- eximia cum laude approbatur
- magna cum laude approbatur
- cum laude approbatur
- non sine laude approbatur
- lubenter approbatur
- approbatur.

Instructions by the Committee for Research and Doctoral Studies on grading the doctoral thesis includes more specific information on the criteria for grading. The instructions are available on TSE’s internet and intranet.

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