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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2016–2018
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METU0190 Popular Culture 5 op
Organised by
Media Studies
Person in charge
Professor Susanna Paasonen
Preceding studies
Basic studies module in media studies

Learning outcomes

Students will learn about the histories, forms and theories of popular culture, the interrelations of media and popular culture, and research issues particular to the field. Students will know how to analyse and contextualise popular cultural media phenomena.


Definitions and theories of popular culture, interrelations of media and popular culture, the development and areas of popular culture studies, histories of entertainment, fandom, critical analysis of pleasure and consumer culture. The section can be studied as thematic courses where these issues are addressed for example in relation to a particular medium, genre, geographical location or research tradition.

Teaching methods

Lectures, seminar or multiform teaching

Teaching language

Finnish, English

Modes of study

Required Studies: Participation in teaching.
Alternatively: An essay or a home exam to be agreed with the teacher in charge.


Numeric 0-5.

Study materials

Literature: Berger, Ads, fads and consumer culture (2011), Storey, Inventing popular culture (2003), Storey (ed.), Cultural theory and popular culture (2009), Nikunen (toim.), Fanikirja (2008), Milestone & Meyer, Gender & popular culture (2012), Strinati, An introduction to theories of popular culture (2004)

Belongs to following study modules

Historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden tutkimuksen laitos
Historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden tutkimuksen laitos
Historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden tutkimuksen laitos
Nais- ja sukupuolentutkimuksen maisteriohjelma
MDP in European Heritage, Digital Media and Infor.
Historian, kultt.ja taiteiden tutk.laitoksen yht.
Arkistoalan ja asiakirjahallinnan maisteriopinnot
Master's Degree Pathway in Popular Culture Studies
MDP in Gender Studies