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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2013–2014
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KV202110 KV11 International Innovation Management as Design 6 op
Organised by
International Business
Person in charge
Valtteri Kaartemo
Preceding studies

Learning outcomes

The objective of the course is to approach innovation management from design perspective. The student learns how to apply design thinking tools and service design ideology for opportunity creation. During the course, the student trains innovation and leadership skills, resulting in a strong identity towards becoming a professional designer. After the course, the student is able to execute innovation development projects using tools and knowledge from various fields and disciplines. The student can apply innovation tools in order to enhance and develop corporate strategy. The student learns how to create strategies for systematic decision making. The student improves his/her skills in working effectively in multidisciplinary, international teams. The course also enables the student to get real-life experience in how to innovate and integrate innovation strategy in organizations, and how to communicate the ideas both orally and in written.


The course is partly (INNO 58h) organized in collaboration with other institutions of higher education in Turku. Students work in teams with challenges from various fields. Each student team works with a client firm in creating future and innovative ideas and strategies. In order to excel in the real-life innovation management problem, the students are trained in design thinking and service design. The students first participate in a virtual design challenge to learn collaborative design and innovation methods. The highlight of the course is an innovation camp, where all students join together in order to apply their knowledge on managing creative processes.

During the course, the students approach various design problems, and take various tasks in order to achieve the intended learning outcomes via individual effort and teamwork. The course grows future leaders and designers, focusing on future-oriented firm strategies. Besides learning marketing strategy, students learn project management, working in teams and using tools for managing innovation processes in organizations. Applying and adjusting theoretical thinking to practical cases and current problems is the core of the course.

Teaching methods

Workshops: 20 hours, Innovation camp: 58 hours.

Modes of study

Seminars, teamwork, blogging, client project, intensive innovation period.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Numeric 0-5.
Further information regarding the evaluation of the course is given in the beginning of the course.

Recommended year of study

2nd or 3rd year III-IV

Study materials

Chosen according to project theme as well as personal and team goals.

Further information

Restricted attendance for 20 students! GIM Master's Degree Programme students and TSE degree students majoring in international business are given priority.

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