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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2013–2014
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NAMS3001 Interdisciplinary Project 10 op
North American Studies
Janne Korkka, Department of English, Rosetta
Edeltävät opinnot
Extensive studies in or highly relevant to North American Studies: usually approximately 50 op (50 ECTS credits).


By completing this Project, the student (or students, in the case of a joint Project) demonstrate their ability to define a coherent and feasible research project, within the frame of reference of North American Studies, which can be insightfully approached from the perspective of more than one intersecting scholarly or scientific disciplines. They are expected to carry out both the design and the execution of the research project essentially independently, ie: to identify a feasible interdisciplinary project, to set out its research design clearly and convincingly, to identify what sources they will need to use for their data and other information and to use and evaluate these sources critically, to implement the research design, and to write a clear and coherent research report on their findings.


For this project, intended for persons who already have a wide background in North American Studies, students propose a North American research topic of their own choice which involves a multidisciplinary approach. Group projects, involving more than one student, are warmly encouraged.
Obligatory for students completing the Intermediate Level (25+35 op) in North American Studies.


Opetustapa Paikalla Verkossa
Itsenäinen työskentely

Individual supervision as appropriate.

Available throughout the academic year.

Vaadittavat opintosuoritukset

Presentation of a research design for approval; its implementation and reporting in a written paper(approximately 6000 words for a paper written by one student).

Arviointi ja arviointiperusteet

Numerolla 0-5.
On the scale 5 (excellent), 4 (very good), 3 (good), 2 (satisfactory), 1 (pass), 0 (fail). The Term Paper will be evaluated on the following criteria: clarity of the research design, selection and critical use of source materials, coherence of argumentation. The paper should be written in good English, and should be language-edited if necessary before submission.

Suositellut suoritusajankohdat

The Interdisciplinary Project should normally be the last unit carried out by a student before completing the upper phase in North American Studies (25+35op).
International and exchange students will only be allowed to undertake the Interdisciplinary Project if they already have previously completed an extensive range of relevant studies.


All classes and study units in the NAMS program are open to any student registered with Turun yliopisto for a degree or as a visiting international or exchange student, The NAMS program is available as a Minor to any degree student at Turun yliopisto or Åbo Akademi University.

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