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Arkistoitu opetussuunnitelma 2013–2014
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OTMU2219 Re-examining the Foundations of EU Law 60 op
Organised by
Law, Master of Laws
Person in charge
Professor Jukka Snell

General description

The ongoing financial crisis has presented the European Union with its toughest challenge to date. Not only the technical aspects of its financial regulation, but also its basic governance mechanisms, legitimacy and nature have been called to question. Can the EU continue as a sui generis organization, or is a move towards some kind of federal entity necessary to ensure the success of the venture? How should the EU’s governance be developed to enable it to respond more rapidly and decisively to challenges than it has in the past? How can such arrangements be legitimated sufficiently? How should the EU’s activities evolve in other areas, such as in the sphere of the internal market, to reflect the changes it is undergoing?

Learning outcomes

The student will develop a deep and critical understanding of the nature of European Union and legal integration, and of the challenges and tensions that the EU is encountering.

The student will acquire legal research skills, including information gathering, analysis and evaluation, referencing, and presentation of research.


• The evolution of European integration
• The EU institutions and lawmaking
• The doctrines of direct effect, primacy, and state liability
• Fundamental rights
• Actions in European courts
• The internal market and the EU citizenship

Teaching methods

The course will be structured around three sets of seminars. First, discussion seminars will be organized between January and March to familiarize students with selected areas of EU law, to assist in the selection of research topics, and in preparation for the written examination. Students participating in the course should be prepared to devote significant time to seminar preparation during this period. Second, a set of preliminary research seminars will take place starting from April/May. In these seminars students present their selected research topics and get feedback from the teaching staff and from the other students. Finally, in the autumn the students will present their work as it nears completion for final comments.

In addition to the three seminar series, sessions will be organized to discuss different issues of legal research, including research methodology. Further, individualized supervision will be offered to students as they progress their theses.

Teaching language


Modes of study

Students can answer the written exam and write their theses in English or Finnish.

Written exam, writing of thesis and its presentation.

Active participation in the first seminar series will provide students with extra points to take to the written examination.

Master’s thesis seminar (at least 75% participation required)
a) The first master’s thesis seminar
b) The second master’s thesis seminar.

Master’s thesis. The students are expected to write a master’s thesis (approximately 70-100 pages) according to each student’s individual research plan.

Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Written examination: numerical 3-5. Seminars: accepted / rejected. Thesis: Improbatur-Laudatur

Study materials

P Craig and G de Búrca, EU Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (5th edn, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011) – applicable parts.
Other materials, in particular scholarly articles and court decisions, as agreed with the teaching staff.

Further information

Timing: Spring 2014 - Autumn 2014

Check General Regulations: Syventäviin opintoihin ilmoittautuminen.

Enrolment in NettiOpsu starts 17.12.2013 at 8.00 and ends 3.1.2014 at 15.00.

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