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Archived Curricula Guide 2013–2014
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KIEL9002 Language and Culture Tandem 2 ECTS
Organised by
Person in charge
Jane Honka (English), Tiina-Leena Salo (Spanish), Veera Scotto di Marco (Italian), Zhu Wen Li (Chinese), Hannele Guérin (French), Sylvia Ylinen-Rauscher (German), Birgitta Tjurin-Muranen (Russian).
Preceding studies
The course is available for language learners at all levels, also beginners level students.

General description

Tandem is a pair or a small group programme in which students work in pairs or in small groups with a native speaker of the target language. One of the two languages practised is always Finnish. The tandem pairs/groups meet weekly to speak both languages equally. During the course they keep a learning diary or blog, and at the end of the course they report to the teacher in charge. Tandem is intended to complement other language studies. This course cannot be included in the obligatory language and communication studies.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students will
- be able to communicate in different everyday situations
- have a wide vocabulary on the topics discussed in the course
- be able to understand the significance of intercultural communication


In this course, the tandem pairs/groups may discuss topics that interest them, for example, current affairs, studying, society, cultural differences. The participants will determine the more detailed content together with the teacher in charge.

Teaching methods

Teaching method Contact Online
Group work 40 h 0 h
Independent work 13 h 0 h

Tandem pairs/groups meet independently approximately twice a week for a whole semester.

Teaching language

English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, German, Russian, Finnish

Modes of study


To pass the course, students are required to actively and regularly participate in the meetings, to write a learning diary or blog and to report to the teacher in charge.
The learning diary or blog is written partly in the target language, partly in the student's mother tongue. It consists of a report in the target language on the topics covered, and reflection on the learning experience in the student's own language. The length of the diary/blog will be at least 3 typed pages with 1.5 line spacing. The learning diary is handed in to the teacher in charge at the end of the course.



Further information

How to sign up:

Autumn 2013: In order to find a tandem pair, please fill out the form by Fri 13 Sep 2013. The course will end Dec 13 2013, which is the deadline for handing in the learning diaries.

Spring 2014: In order to find a tandem pair, please fill out the form by Fri 17 Jan 2014. The course will end May 16, 2014, which is the deadline for handing in the learning diaries.

NB! This course can only be taken once!

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Centre for Language and Communication Studies
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